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E-Mail & Collaboration, Directory Provisioning, Identity & Access Management, Desktop- and User Migrations...

...have been our topics for many years and we have built up a comprehensive range of services and products from which you may benefit.


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aMIRA - Management of Identities, Resources and Access

The aMIRA suite of products offers standardized software-solutions for managing digital identities, accounts, mailboxes, resources and access. Many industrial companies, financial and public institutions, hosting and telecommunication providers are using our products to manage the whole lifecycle of their objects. They can do this in a simple and efficient way while still guaranteeing security, data quality and auditability.

Messaging and Collaboration Projects

Planning, designing and building of messaging and collaboration systems has been one of our core competences for almost 20 years. Ever since the first release of Exchange server in 1996, we have supported the migration of dozens of enterprises and thousands of users. Nowadays, building e-mail systems is increasingly complemented by the setup of instant messaging and mobile device management solutions.

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